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Other Ways to Support

Sometimes a donation is just not possible, and we understand.  Or perhaps you want to do even more.


American Priorities is about putting God back into our country.   And the more people have the opportunity to receive the American Minute or hear William J. Federer speak, the greater our impact.  Please consider spreading the word.  Forward the American Minute to a friend.  Consider inviting William J. Federer to speak at your organization.  Any word-of-mouth effort will increase our impact.  Your friends and family will thank you for introducing them to the great work that is going on here through American Priorities.


To help further underwrite our efforts to keep God in Our Country, William J. Federer has personally partnered with the following companies to offer some valuable services that you might find of interest.  Any purchase or subscription performed from links on this page will directly benefit William J. Federer, but not American Priorities the non-profit organization.  While this means that no purchase here is tax deductible, and while we are not suggesting you purchase anything that you do not need, if you decide to check out and/or purchase any of these great services, it will indirectlyhelp this ministry move forward by helping to support William J. Federer financially.


It is almost impossible to imagine going without my mobile phone today.  I use it for everything from making phone calls, checking email, reading my bible, keeping track of friends and loved ones, reading eBooks, listening to podcasts — even processing credit cards.   We do it all with our mobile devices.  Unfortunately most mobile providers charge $80-$100 for service each and every month, and every provider wants us to sign up for a multi-year contract.

That is, until now.  Recently, a new company called Solavei has begun offering nationwide service on the fastest 4G network (they use T-Mobile’s network) with unlimited talk, text, and data for only $49 PER MONTH.

In addition, rather than pay billions of dollars in advertising and marketing like the other big cell phone companies, Solavei rewards its customers directly for spreading the word!  By referring just 3 friends to Solavei, members earn a one-time $50 bonus AND $20 per month.  And if those friends refer other friends, they earn even more.

There are no catches.  This service is legitimate and works great.  You can buy an Android phone from Solavei, or even bring your own phone (T-Mobile or unlocked GSM phones only).

Click here to visit Solavei and learn more.  I (William J. Federer personally, not American Priorities) receive a commission EVERY MONTH for every enrollment from the link below.  This is a great way to save money AND help raise our support so we can keep doing what we do.

LIMITED TIME ONLY:  Enroll by November 30th and earn a free month of service!  Click here for more information.

Click here to view a comparison of cell phone providers

P.S. My good techie friend Sam Pfanstiel has offered to assist with any questions you may have about Solavei.  Give him a call if you have any questions at 918-850-8038.